Why change your current windows and doors just because of the colour?

Save thousands of pounds by changing the colour of your existing frames to make them look ultra modern. Using our unique 3 stage application process we can transform your old looking frames and bring them back to life with uber modern colours. We have over 2 decades in the window,door and paint industry working on many prestigous propertys around the uk.


What can we kolor?

  • Upvc, Aluminum, Timber, Steel

  • Windows And Doors

  • Garage Doors

  • Facias And Soffits

  • Conservatories

  • Cladding

  • Steel Roofing


    Kolormyframe vs Spraying

    NO overspray damaging property and neighbouring veichles.

    Low adhesion as spraying is a one coat process,we use a 3 coat process with specially formulated prime coat for maximum adhesi on,long lasting.

    When spraying they also spray the gaskets causing them to crack,leaving them looking messy within months. We only use dedicated paints,not car paints unsuitable for the application.

    100% less mess,spray gets everywhere,all our work is expertly hand finished using premium products.

    We offer a whole range of ral colours for you to choose from,giving you that unique finish your looking for.

    What else we offer?

    We are experts in the maintainence of windows,doors and conservatorys and can advise best if you have damaged handles,misted units or any other problems.

    How to get a quote?

    SIMPLE......upload a photo of what you require doing to our whatsapp,email or facebook page. Along with your location/postcode and we will get back to within 24 hours with your quotation.